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Bestech is a supplier of ThermTec Animal Crematory Equipment. ThermTec manufactures Animal Crematories ranging in size from 200 pounds per batch up to 5,800 pounds per batch. Our Animal Crematories are engineered and designed for years of day in and day out use at Animal Controls Facilities, Humane Societies, Veterinarians, and Private Cremation Facilities.

Since 1973 ThermTec has been manufacturing Animal Crematory Equipment specifically designed for mass animal cremation. Our units are not human crematories that double for animal crematories. Our units are designed for easy loading with load heights ranging from 12 to 27 inches. We avoid costly repairs associated with many crematories that use “hot hearth” or “retort” designs. Large capacity units are designed for batch loading which reduces operator exposure to heat and allows personnel to attend to other responsibilities while crematory is operating.

Bestech has been in the crematory business since 1988. Since that time we have worked hard to establish our company as a sales company that is committed to after the sales service. Our customers are a testament to this fact. If you are considering purchasing an Animal Crematory whether from us or someone else be sure and contact several current customers and find out how pleased they are with the service. All crematories will have minor problems at one time or another, the difference though will be the customer service that you receive years down the road.

We appreciate you taking the time to take a look around at the different models of animal crematories we provide. Also, feel free to contact our current customers about the quality of the animal crematory equipment we sale and the service we provide.

Please email us or call us at 205-428-0210 with any questions you may have about our equipment or replacement parts.